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What's this

This is the official website of iTheEnder; It is also used as a blog.

Here you can find everything from basic tutorials of iTheEnder products to complex explanations of our products; or the odd blog post.

About Me

I'm 15 years old; I was born in Medellin - Colombia. From the age of 9, my father was teaching me to "program" basic things (like html, basic css ...), then when I was 12 years old I started learning things on my own, even with youtube tutorials, online course free or just looking for the google. I have done countless websites, but most did not finish them because I did not know how to do something, or I ended up being lazy to continue with that. Then at age 13 I started to learn java, even today I can not say I know how to program in java, because I still have to learn many things ... Thanks for reading my humble story xd

About my friends (coworkers)


(It's a story for me, it may not be accurate). He was born in 2003, in Nayarit, Mexico. For about 3 years we have known each other (xd). But whenever we talked, it was to play any game. Then in January of 2018 he started making a game, but to do it he needed to learn to draw images to a computer; so I had to learn, then I was getting more experience in it.

Private user

He was born in 2002, in Venezuela, 1 year ago I (iTheEnder) taught him to program basic things and then we were increasing the level of "complexity". On 02/01/2018 I started making this page and he did the parts that I had taught him to do.